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Eating In

BesançonWe advise making reservations for lunchtime and weekend evening dining. Groups of 6 or more, pre-booking is also recommended. For groups of 8 or more, we can offer you our discovery menu. For this menu we have put together a selection of our favourite dishes, which will be served in the centre of the table to be shared by everyone (this way, all the participants can taste a selection of freshly cooked dishes. 4 different starters/4 different main dishes/fresh mixed fruits), as is customary in Thailand when people go to the restaurant together. Choosing this menu means you won’t have the headache of everyone deciding what to choose, everyone gets his or her food at the same time and when it comes to splitting the bill, it makes it simple. If you are a party of 12 or more, we may not be able to offer you the ‘a la carte’ dining because of the way our kitchen works (everything is cooked fresh to order), but we can suggest dedicated offers for your group, amongst which you will find your heart’s desire. Contact us in advance and we will do everything we can to ensure your party is a success!

Taking Out

Besançonwould like to enjoy Pum’s food in the comfort of your own home, all the items on our menu – deserts and drinks included – are available to take away. We suggest you to phone and place your order, if possible before the service starts (before noon for lunchtime). We will notify you as to when you can come to pick up your order. You can also come and order directly at the restaurant, but the time needed will depend on the workload of the restaurant at that time.
And the smartest way to place your order is ON LINE, by clicking the button at the top of the page!

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The story

Next to Mulhouse, and offering a quality of life unanimously acclaimed, Besançon was an obvious choice for our expansion in France. Finding the ideal location was not easy. After a few weeks of research, Francis half-heartedly took Pum to Besançon to show her the units he had visited, knowing none would be suitable.

Her reaction was clear and final: « Why did you disturb me for this? » ;-). Pum insisted to have a walk in the town. When she saw the unit available at the Marché des Beaux Arts, Pum exclaimed: this is where we need to be! Francis was doubtful: yes, the location was ideal, but how to get the kitchen extractor's duct through the cinema???? Pum, you are dreaming. But when Pum insists, it is better to give in. Francis had no other choice than to make a call, and, oh miracle, the unit had been planned for a restaurant. No more duct problem, Pum was right about it. An appointment was made to visit the unit, and... A pleasant surprise awaited us: in addition to the surface area of the ground floor, there was the double on the first floor...

Convincing the Mayor of Besançon of the quality of Pum concept was not too difficult; on the other hand, financing the project and occupying this huge space was another challenge. Pum's adventure in Besançon officially started on 23rd October 2006. Since then, our restaurant is one of the highlights of the town!