How does it work?

Eating In

Wittelsheim It’s easy! You come to the counter, place your order and we prepare everything in a lunchbox for you…
choose your seat, eat and enjoy... yummy yummy!
Because you are well mannered, when you’re finished, you bring your lunch box back to the collection point.

Taking Out

Wittelsheim We have 2 possibilities:
If you are only passing through, you choose the disposable packaging option, and you leave happy with your PUM bag.
Or, MUCH SMARTER, you decide to become a Pum Family member, and you choose the PINTO option. You buy your PUM PINTO for as little as 5€, and you get your loyalty card. After that, when you come back with your empty PINTO, you can exchange it for a full one, and you receive a discount of 0,50€ off the price of your next PUM combo.
You save money, and you help save the Planet!

PUM FAMILY @Wittelsheim

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How to find us?

Driving on A36, take the exit Thann-Cernay, then the exit Wittelsheim (3rd exit when coming from Mulhouse).
Keep turning right until you reach the bowling. Turn left and follow the road.

Rue d'Irlande is the second left after the bridge.


The story

Our friend Yannick was sad not to be able to eat his favourite cuisine at lunchtime. Too long to drive to the centre of Mulhouse, then try to find a place to park and get a table @ PUM Mulhouse.
We suggested him to open a Pum restaurant at his place, just next to his office! But not just any kind of restaurant, it is the first Fast Track by Pum worldwide!!!

For your first visit, it is wise to have a GPS to locate us, but once you know where we are, you will reach us in less than ten minutes from the outskirts of Mulhouse, and in less than 2 minutes from Yannick's office.